#4 Through the Months | Praxis and Beyond: The Hacker Mindset

Hey everyone, we’re back with episode 4 of Through the Months.

In this episode we examine an excellent video series by Kirby Ferguson titled Everything is a Remix. He posits that every piece of art and tech is a remix of what came before, and that nothing is wholly “original.”

After this we were given an amazing series of essays by Venkatesh Rao titled Breaking Smart. The brilliant Dr. Rao discusses the future that faces us with the advent of software and the Information Age. If you’ve ever been concerned that the Terminator future is what awaits us, or that you could be replaced entirely by robots, give these essays a read. The entire archive can be found here.

Watch the latest episode here to see what we think about all of this.

For those interested, the show notes for this episode can be found here. We like to play it a little fast and loose with the planning, but we’re getting better at keeping on focus and hitting our points.

One last piece of news! We’re on Spotify, and have a new YouTube Channel!